About Us

  Betas Glass Mosaic Ltd. Company is manufacturing and selling glass tile and glass mosaic tile in Turkey since 1989. Betaş Glass Mosaic Company has an exceptional quality in all product lines; it has the cleanest and the shiniest products with comparisons to its competitors.

Betas is the priority of all architects' and contractors' preferences in external and internal construction coverage as a GlassMosaic Manufacturer. Betas is a well known leading brand name in all over Turkey and it is the first choice of all the customers in glass tiles market as a Glass mosaic Supplier. Betas quality has been approved by Turkish Standards Institution (TSE - TSEK) and certified by TCA ASTM C1028. Betas Glass mosaic quality can be compared with Spanish Glass Mosaic, Chinese Glass Mosaic or Italian Glass Mosaic, we are proud to export our swimming pool glass mosaics, glass mosaic patterns, glass mosaic subway tiles, glass mosaic backsplash tile, glass mosaic tile bathroom, glass mosaic kitchen, glass mosaic façade all over the world. Betas , with its 88 colors of OPUS IST, has the largest color line in its all product line and it is also improving its variety of colors.

Betas is always seeking for newest technology and the best solutions for customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in the quality. The richest variety of product lines and its colors give the perception of aesthetic and beauty to all kinds of decorations and construction projects. BetasGlass Tiles were tested in all natural conditions for the best customer satisfaction. It gives the best isolation solutions for external and internal coverings of all constructions in all kinds of natural conditions. Our customers do not have to clean Betas Glass Tiles because its clean and shiny image never ends. Betaş Glass Tiles are not affected by chemical factors, its color lasts forever. It is also non-absorbent and frost proof. Betas Glass Tiles are the best alternative for ceramic tiles, wall tiling and tile mural applications. Glass mosaic tile installation became much easier with mesh mounting system than natural stone mosaic, marble mosaic and other mosaic types. Glass tiles are the most used material for external and internal isolation in the construction sector. Especially  in the 2000’s with the trend for glass mosaic, Betas produces glass mosaics with its state of the art Italian machinery and increased production capacity for kitchen design, backsplash of kitchen sinks, kitchen backsplash ideas, bathroom mosaic ideas, bathroom mosaic murals, backsplash of shower panels, bathroom mosaic patterns, bathroom crystal glass mosaic, and so on. Betaş mosaic company is proud to announce  manufacturing in different sizes such as; 12x12mm, 15x15mm, 18x18mm, 20x20mm, 23x23mm, 25x25mm, 25x50mm, 38x38mm, 50x50mm, round shape mosaic, yonca mozaik (Trebol or shamrock design), eye drop mosaic, bubble mosaic, sea shell mosaic and Hexagonal design. Betas glass mosaic sheets are available as mounted on net and paper. In addition to  alternative sizes of product lines, Betaş glass mosaic is seeking to improve its variety of product lines in different sizes each day.

Betas is proud to introduce its new product lines; TENLight Crsytal Mosaic, TENLight GOLDEN Crystal Mosaic and TENLight Gold & Silver Crystal Mosaic. Retro Iridium Glass Mosaic, Retro Classic Mosaic, Afrikan Woos Mosaic,  TENLight Crystal Mosaic is a different type of glass mosaic line. Crystal Glass Mosaic can be also used for bathroom and kitchen coverings. Retro Iridium glass Mosaics are unique in color and could be used in commercial projects and hotel projects for bathroom mosaic patterns, entrance mosaic art and so on. Please do not miss to check our beautiful TENLight and Retro Iridium colors.

Betaş Glass Mosaics can be applied in many areas such as all kinds of fronts for all kinds of buildings, floors, hall, swimming pool, decoration, bathrooms, kitchens, laboratory, balcony, column, landing (on a stair case), Jacuzzi and underground transportation stations. All needs of water-proof operations, all kinds of construction processes. In other words, you can apply BetaşGlass Mosaic on where ever you wish to see... You may apply Betaş Glass Mosaics even for your personal habits in decoration of your home, garden, swimming pool... One of Betaş Glass Mosaics' success in product differentiation came true: We have a large variety of product lines for swimming pool mosaic. Betaş has 18 different designs for swimming pools. Please see our ESPAMA series for swimming pool mosaics. Betaş supplies all types of demands for swimming pool installation designs. In addition, our organization is open to your all kinds of design demands....What about your favorite picture? We are able to answer your all needs for different designs, logo made by mosaic, wall panels. We are open to customized designs. In all over the world, air pollution and sea pollution made people of needs for swimming pools necessary in recent years. increasing demands for swimming pools, Betaş Glass Mosaics enlarged its variety of colors, too. As a glass mosaic tile company Betas does its best to help the environment. By it is own cycle Glass dissolves in 4000 years at earth. Due to that fact, as using the raw waste glass for our mosaic production, we could manage to recycle that waste and gave a new shape, new design and value to a glass. Just because of this reason Glass mosaic price is more valuable than any other mosaic types. To learn more about our mosaic designs, mosaic tiles, glass mosaic tile patterns, glass mosaic price, and glass mosaic price list, please contact our sales associates.

Betaş Glass Mosaics always gave its priority to its customer satisfaction since it was established.Betaş will go on with its ideology of management for years.
Welcome to the art of Betaş Glass Mosaic...